About the Blog

This blog has been dedicated to the battle against dark forces of evil spearding heresies and division among the Christian world. I never really have interest in opening a blog but my brothers who are full time Apologists and Catechists who are particularly from the Dominican Order for Laity (third order) asked me to open one to help them counter the false teachings of  Neo-protestant churches like the Baptists, Jehovas witnesses, Iglesia ni Manalo and so on.
I have of course posted some lessons but its more catechetic rather than apologetic. I was a catechist in the fallen away catholic church of the revolutionaries in the philippines, I taught both elementary and highschool using the catechism of the council of trent and the catholic bible in Tagalog language.
I was a member of the Student Catholic Action year 2009-2010 at the centro escolar university where participating actively i had learned a lot and were fotrunate to hear the preachings of notable Catholic Apologists both Laity and Clergy alike. one of them, Bro. Marwil Llasos who is a Lawyer and a Professor as well, is a member of Defensores Fidei and a very active Defender of the Roman Church in the Philippine Islands with him are several novices in the third order of dominican preachers and a well known Apologist Priest Fr. Abe Arganiosa, who's works are Scholarly and Practical as well. Both personalities I have mentioned had been my inspiration in maintaining this blog even though I'm already far away from home.
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